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New: Your license plate opens the barrier


You are approaching the entrance of your usual parking and the barrier opens automatically, without you having to do anything. This is now possible thanks to our cameras that are equipped with license plate recognition technology. The entry terminal identifies your vehicle and immediately opens the barrier. You no longer need to scan your Pcard+. When you leave the car park, the same thing happens; you approach the barrier and it opens automatically, thanks to the identification of your license plate. Your parking fee is directly linked to your Pcard+ account. Advantage: parking becomes much smoother.

This system is already operational in 6 car parks in Belgium: Passage 44EcuyerToison d’Or et Albertine-Square in Brussels ; Centraal  in Antwerp ; ‘t Zand in Bruges. 

How do you link your license plate to your Pcard+ account?

To open automatically the barriers in one of these six listed parkings, you must first link your license plate to your Pcard+. How does it work? Very easily. Visit our website and follow the procedure: state the number of your Pcard+, as well as the last 4 characters of the serial number on the back of your card. You will then have access to your data and you can add, delete or change your license plate. As soon as a license plate is linked to your Pcard+, the license plate recognition is activated immediately.

Please note: for the moment, you can only link one Pcard+ to one license plate, and only one license plate per card. 

Always keep your Pcard+ with you. If an exceptional technical problem occurs, you will always have access to our car parks thanks to the card. You also need it to pick up your car outside the opening hours via the pedestrian entrance.