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The new car park under the square "Place du Palais de Justice" in Namur will be built by Interparking.


As part of the big renovation program of the square, the city of Namur organized a tender for the construction of a new underground car park. The project submitted by Interparking (in collaboration with Assar, Degraeve - Duchêne and the engineering agency Greisch) was selected by the local authorities.

The challenge was to offer maximum parking spaces in a small space surrounded by historic buildings. The current courthouse consists of old stones, the oldest of which dates back to 1631. The place also hosts the University of Namur and its Faculty of Medicine.

The project proposed by Interparking will include 5 underground floors, for a total of 404 parking spaces. Urban development on the surface using natural materials will contribute to the conviviality of the place.

The works will take place in different phases in order not to impede the accessibility of the site during the construction period. For example, the concrete slab will be poured before the excavation work is carried out. The application for building permit will be submitted before the end of November. The construction will begin as soon as it will be approved and will take a little less than 3 years.

Interparking already manages the Beffroi parking in Namur and is currently also carrying out the construction of the new Grognon car park.