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A new Parking 58 and a brand new administrative complex for 2018



New Parking 58

The successor to the iconic Parking 58-building in the center of Brussels should be finished in 2018 says developer AG Real Estate, shareholder of Interparking. The large-scale project accounts for 30,000 square meters of offices, 46 apartments and 847 parking spaces, 250 more than today.

The project is currently the second time in public research. The plans AG Real Estate submit vary slightly from the previous version. The changes revolve around redesigning the passage between Hall Street and the Black Lady Street.

The new Parking 58 should be ready in 2018. That means that part of the project would coincide with the redevelopment of the central avenues. The new Parking 58, with its additional parking, will adjoin the parking loop the city is planning for the new larger pedestrian zone in the center.