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Brussels : Construction work in the Porte de Hal tunnel

As of February 27th and until March 19th, the Porte de Hal tunnel in Brussels will be entirely closed to traffic for a period of 3 weeks. The region indeed intends to do major restoration work in the tunnel. As a result, the traffic flow will be directed aboveground only, which is likely to cause many traffic jams. Meanwhile, our Porte de Hal car park remains fully accessible to motorists. Nevertheless, as traffic jams are to be predicted during rush hours, these could slow down the access to the car park. The same applies if you plan on leaving the car park during peak hours on the Brussels small ring.

We therefore advise you to plan your itineraries in advance and to remain patient. The tunnel will yet again be closed in May of 2017 for a two month period. It will then reopen, but the traffic will be restricted to one lane only until the completion of the construction, scheduled for the end of 2018.