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The fifth edition of the gallery "Un enfant dans la ville" - CHILD FOCUS


Child Focus and interparking are pleased to invite you to the fifth edition of the art and craft gallery "A Child in the City" organized by volunteer interparking employees, their families and independent artists to benefit Child Focus.

Works of personnel, their families and independent artists and craftsmen like Josiane Boës, Didier Moens, Ryck Wane, Wilkytea, Claudine Stannard and Solange Lefebvre will be exhibited and offered for sale to benefit the Child Focus, on 11 and 12 October 2013 in the "Interparking school" at rue de la Vierge Noire 9, 1000 Brussels.

The revenues of this exposition - the entrance fee of 1 € and the sales of paintings - will be integrally donated to CHILD FOCUS.

On top of this, Interparking has committed itself to triple the total amount of donations collected during this event.

Enfant 2013

Update 13/10/2013: Picture of Dirk Depover (Directeur Child Focus) and Roland Cracco (CEO of Interparking) at the gallery