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Damsterdiep awarded for best car park of 2015!


Retail Netherlands (Detailhandel Nederland) has carried out the yearly national car park test. With the result that our Damsterdiep car park in Groningen is awarded for the best car park 2015.  Interparking is very pleased and honored with this award.

In almost every part Damsterdiep car park scored good to very good. The municipality of Groningen has invested in achieving a high quality car park and Interparking ensures a customer-based service.

Interparking has recently won the European tender in Groningen for the management of the municipal car parks, where Damsterdiep car park to belongs. We thus retain the management since the opening of the car park (2011).

The complete results of test are available at:

Damsterdiep Entree

Kunstwerk Damsterdiep