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Save valuable time with plate recognition


Holiday plans or a business trip? At Brussels Airport, we offer more than 12,000 parking spaces at your disposal. Short or long term travel, ultra-secure parking, VIP services or the most advantageous rate: you can choose from a diverse range of car parks, each of which corresponds to specific needs.

To make it easier for you to access the P1 and P2 car parks, remember to associate your number plate with your Pcard+ on our website This will save you precious time before and after your trip.

How does it work?

You link your number plate to your Pcard+ on You can associate one number plate with each card.

When you arrive at the car park entrance on the day of your departure, the access barrier will open automatically, without having to scan any card or ticket at the terminal, thanks to an intelligent camera that will recognise your plate.

When you return to Brussels, you will pick up your vehicle and the exit barrier will also open automatically. No more need to scan your Pcard+!
Your consumption will automatically be included on your next invoice.

Would you also like even faster access to our car parks (39 car parks are now compatible)?
Link your number plate and your Pcard+ on our website