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A "lung in the city" in Parking 2 portes


The air you breathe in the 2 Portes car park in Brussels is now better. Since 25 September, this car park is also equipped with a device for neutralizing fine and ultrafine particles. These are indeed potentially harmful to health when they are inhaled.

What is it about ? The "Lung in the City" was developed in collaboration with Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This device uses the process of positive ionization to capture fine particles present in the ambient air. These are collected and sent to a treatment center. Result? The ambient air is freed from 50 to 70% of the particles, 40% of the fine particles and 20% of the ultrafine particles in suspension. In other words, you breathe an air of better quality. In some cases, better than the one outside the car park.

A first device had already been installed in April at the Beffroi car park in Namur. It is now also operational at the 2 Portes car park in Brussels and will soon be deployed in other Group car parks.