Cashless payment

Your direct access to the city life. To all its activities, energy and vitality. And this with one simple movement, with just one card.

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Why get a Pcard+ ?

Best Parking Rates
Cheap evening tariffs and/or 10% discount.

Parking can be cheap. The Pcard+ gives you access to a special tariff of €3 to €6 for a whole evening in most car parks of Interparking Belgium and a 10% discount in selected car parks. See below for the modalities and a list of all participating car parks! In Zaventem, you can enjoy 30 minutes of free parking in the P1, P2 and P3

Furthermore, the Pcard gives a 20% discount in the Interparking carwashes (2 Portes, Stéphanie Louise, Meir) !

Unparalleled Ease of Use
No ticket. Electronic receipts.

We value your time. The Pcard+ lets you access all the car parks of Interparking and drive in and out of the car park without having to pay at the pay machine. Furthermore, you get one clear report of all your transactions, which means you don't have to keep all of your receipts to track your parking expenditures.

Ask your new Pcard+ for free!