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Fire drills in Parking Monnaie

In partnership with the Brussels Fire Department, Interparking conducted the very first fire drill at Parking Monnaie, marking the start of a series of scheduled exercises between April 24 and June 7.

This project transformed Parking Monnaie into a real training ground, where 50 decommissioned cars served as educational material to simulate realistic fire scenarios. Over 400 to 500 firefighters will have the opportunity to train and practice in real conditions, enhancing their skills in emergency response and intervention.

The goal? To prepare our everyday heroes for the most complex challenges, ensuring a rapid and effective response in emergencies, while enhancing the safety of our facilities for users.

At the end of the year, a congress will bring together firefighters and other stakeholders to share the lessons learned from these exercises. These real-life trainings contribute to improving emergency procedures but also to strengthening the collaboration between public services and the private sector.