Bordet (Brussels)

Main entrance address:

rue Meylemeersch, 1070 Brussels

Total places876
Places for disabled28
Places for motorcycles25
Electric charging points24
Maximal height2.1 m

Practical information

Located a stone's throw from the Erasme metro station, with a direct connection to the city centre of Brussels, the Bordet car park is close to a brand new economic activity centre. 

The Jules Bordet Institute, Belgium's leading oncology centre, will move there in November 2021.
Although the Erasmus University Clinics have been located there for a long time, the district has been undergoing a complete renewal since 2016. The "Erasmus Gardens" project includes more than 1,000 housing units, including many student housings, a school, a crèche and numerous community facilities.


Normal tariff

1 hour€ 2,50
2 hours€ 4,90
3 hours€ 7,40
4 hours€ 9,30
5 hours€ 10,80
6 hours€ 12,40
7 hours€ 13,40
8 hours€ 14,40
1 day€ 14,70

Evening tariff (18h - 7h)

1 hour 1,00
1 day 5,10

Tarifs Week-end *

1 day 5,10

Lost ticket per day€ 20,00

Available Facilities and Services

Opening hours
All days 00:00 - 23:59

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